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Web site hosting service
Where will my web site be hosted?

Our company puts a considerable emphasis to providing complete web solutions. Therefore, we offer a top quality internet pages hosting service on our servers as a part of the web site design package.

Does your company own hosting servers?

Our experience teaches us that a provider needs to own their servers and and have on staff an experienced administrating team in order to provide quality hosting services. In TUS Telekom webnode our company owns a number of servers, kept in top shape by a team of our specialized administrators.

Who takes care of setting my web site onto a hosting server?

We take care of hosting and supporting your web site, as well as every other step of internet page creation. After the web site has been completed, we activate your domain, set up the server, upload your web pages and establish access to email and other services.

What are the benefits of having my internet site on your servers?

Our company's goal is to provide a high quality, reliable web hosting and maintenance service for our clients.

Following facts ensure high customer satisfaction level:

What is the cost of web site hosting services?

Monthly cost of web hosting and maintenance is determined by our price list. The cost includes 24/7 hosting of your web site and internet domain on our servers, daily backup of web pages, setup of email addresses, counseling and assistance during web site upgrades, smaller corrections (free of charge), upgrades of web pages, search results tracking analysis and more.

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