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Web pages maintenance
What does web pages maintenance look like?

refreshing website After we have created and set your web pages up, we proceed with internet pages maintenance. Especially for this task, we have formed a team of specialists whose role is to take care of your web pages and keep them up-to-date. This is very important for the success of professionally presenting your company, products and services. We provide 24/7 support for changing or editing of your web pages, accepting all your change requests on daily basis and deal with them promptly. We will inform you of maintenance time frame.

Apart from changing and editing your web site, the maintenance includes:
What if I want to refresh data and content on an existing web page?

changing texts and photos We are glad to be able to offer the simplest way of refreshing your existing web site. Our web site maintenance service provides contact details refreshment, text update, and photo editing, and additional web pages set-up. This service can be performed once; for that purpose the work to be done should be determined and costs defined. After your confirmation, the service shall follow immediately. However, if you are interested in a long term quality and reliable partnership, we are happy to negotiate service tailored to your needs for a monthly fee.

Why it is so important to maintain web pages regularly?

There is no harder knock to one's reputation as an obsolete web page. Recall yourself getting annoyed when you come across old data, numbers long out of service, dead links, and news being years old- the list can go on. Such an outdated page does not create a feeling of reliability and credibility for an enterprise or service.

What is the cost of web site maintenance and what does it include?

As we mentioned in the Web Site Hosting Service section, our offer includes hosting of web pages and their maintenance. The cost of monthly web maintenance and hosting is determined by our price list and includes:

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