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Web advertising
Free web promotion We offer to promote your products and services free of charge through links on our web site and on the populat web portal www.wipic.com. In addition, you get to be registered, free of charge, with our www.PoslovniImenik.si.

It's a fact that the Internet is getting bigger every day and that competition in the cost-free search results world of web search engines is getting tougher. That is why we can offer you more possibilities for additional Internet promotion.

Web advertising, or web marketing, is the most efficient and effective way to promote your company, your enterprise, products and services with a main reason being a savings in cost especially in comparison to other media such as radio, TV or printed ads. The cost depends on effect (clicks) or impression of your ad. It is also important that the results of web marketing are easy to measure, as that ensures a quick and reliable indicator for your web advertising campaign and reveals optimization possibilities.

Using cutting-edge web statistics applications we provide our clients with the following possibilities of additional advertising:

Advertising key words on search engines google.si and najdi.si

goole, najdi A quality search engine optimization (SEO), which is included in the web site design cost, cannot result in optimizing every single web page for every key word. Our extensive experience in web marketing enables us to provide advertising management for all key words relevant to you.
We prepare a joint selection of key words, set a marketing budget, design efficient text ads and set up a user account for promotion purposes and marketing campaign statistics tracking. After the campaign has concluded, we provide you with an analysis of the advertising and visits to your web site.
We should underline the fact that a correct choice of words and proper ads design are of vital importance to such a campaign. Otherwise you may find out that a key word points to your web site through an ordinary or bought search result. Even worse, you may spend money on promoting a key word that will not have any effect on the number of visits to your site. Let us, with our SEO experience, manage this process for you.

Advertising text ads on adpartner.si and httpool.si net

Another efficient way of promotion is advertising in larger web nets, which place their ads on well-visited web pages. For this type of marketing campaign we design text and graphic ads, which appear on the web sites relevant to the campaign topic. We take care of everything connected to ads and advertising. The cost depends on the effect (the number of clicks) of your ad.

Advertising with banners

We can design Internet banners of all dimensions for your promotional purposes. We consider your requests while forming a script for every banner. Based on the script and material we then design Flash banners.
In addition to designing web banners we can provide you with counselling on advertising and can make searching for a potential advertising spot easier for you. Our company manages several successful web portals where we provide our clients with efficient and cost effective advertising through banners www.eBelakrajina.si, www.eDolenjska.si, www.eLjubljana.si, www.ePosavje.com, www.ePrimorska.si, www.wipic.com, www.PoslovniImenik.si

Promotion through social networks, blogs, video portals

Social networks, such as facebook.com, twitter.com, blogger.com, youtube.com have become increasingly important in the promoting web sites, products and services. You can benefit from our counselling and profiles creations, as well as profile management and advertising.

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