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Trademark registration
register, trade mark, brands, firm Our complete web and other graphic solutions services include counselling and the registration of your own trademarks. Experience has taught us that a correct choice and copyright of a name, title or motto of a product or a company is very important for a long term enterprise.

Our company owns two trademarks:

Why it is important to protect a product or company name?

Prior to production or sale of a new product, you should check that the name you've chosen for it is not already a trademark. If it is, its owner can quickly stop you from using it.

Each reliable enterprise should see to protecting its trademarks by registering them. Thus you prevent others from using them and profit at your cost.

Can you provide an example of this?

We have successfully registered several trademarks of a number of our clients. One of them, for example, runs a construction enterprise. Before they obtained a web site, they had been using and promoting a motto "Gradimo za vas" (Building for you). We advised them to register the motto and all major domains with using it (GradimoZaVas.si, .com, .net, etc). By registering their motto, they made sure only they can use and benefit from it. Additionally, registration web domains prevented others to use the trademark for themselves.

Again, let us underline the importance of registering and protecting your trademarks. We have encountered many companies which have invested a lot in selling and promoting products or enterprises without protection or, even worse, with those trademarks being already protected by someone else.

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