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Text and image preparation
Would you like to have a web site, but do not have the time to prepare the texts and images?

Not to worry. Through the years of designing web pages we have learned that preparing quality web material (text, photo, and images) proves to be a major obstacle for a client. Therefore, we have developed a system of support for material preparation.

Within the project of setting up your web site, we arrange a meeting and prepare a draft of web content based on your existing material (brochures, marketing material, price lists, photos etc).

The draft is uploaded onto a test web address, where you can easily review it and request any corrections or additions.

The system shortens the time frame of the web designing project. At the same time it saves you from time consuming text preparation.


In case you need complete text preparation, we can offer you the services of our professional copywriters. They will learn about your company, products, and services, follow your requests and prepare all relevant texts. Those will be uploaded onto a test web site, where you will be able to check them and add any corrections or guidelines.


Within our complete web solution services we offer additional photo services. Those include quality photographs of your company, venues, products etc. We can take those photos at the venue with our equipment or use top studio facilities and equipment.

How about proof - reading and web page translations?

If your need your material proof - read or translated, we can take care of it. Our co-operation with reputable translation agencies results in quality proof- reading and web site translations.

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