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Terms and Conditions

1. General requirements of business

1.1 All services are listed on www.1ainternet.eu represent the company, 1A Internet d.o.o. The Contractor refers the company below:

1A internet d.o.o.,
Naselje NEK 2,
8270 Krško, Slovenija

The contracting authority shall hereinafter mean: company, natural person, a natural person who carries on business, an organization which provides services.

1.2 General terms and conditions apply to all services offered by the Contractor or to all legal relations between operators and subscribers in all operating conditions, which also refers to providing or proposing services to the Client, except in cases where the contractor provides in writing his explicit consent to the use of different operating conditions.

1.3 In the case of orders via e-mail or phone, it is understood that the Client has read the General terms and condition and is in full agreement.

2 Contractor's obligations to the Client

2.1 The Contractor undertakes to do all of the services they agreed to in a timely manner and with the utmost quality.

2.2 The Contractor shall not be liable for the accuracy of information on the website www.1ainternet.eu which is only for informative purposes, nor accepts any, direct or indirect, damages or other liability resulting from errors in any of the services provided.

2.3 When the contract between the client and the contractor is awarded, the Contractor shall acknowledge the client.

2.4 Personal data entered in the online order page www.1ainternet.eu is only needed for the proper operation of services. The Contractor will never forward, sell, lease or otherwise trade your personal information. Your personal information will never be used if you do not agree with the method of application.

2.5 The Contractor guarantees the strictest security for official and business Client information and shall under no circumstances have the right to allow the information be made available to third parties.

2.6 Contractor has the right indicate the name of the Client in their references, unless the client specifically prohibits the Contractor from doing so. Contractor shall house all data on clients in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law. Client agrees to accept that bid data can be used for the purpose of the notification offer. If the subscriber does not wish to make the data available, they should indicate a statement on the application.

2.7 The customer is required to review the results of services rendered, and within eight (8) days from the date of delivery, any complaint must be made in writing. In the event that Client statutory deadline for filing a complaint is delayed, the Contractor will not be considered the claims. For the quality of the services performed by the contractor at the express request of the Client with inappropriate short notice, the Contractor shall not be liable.

2.8 In view of any delays in Client Service, the Client cannot refuse service nor cancel the execution of the contract. The Contractor shall not be liable, under any circumstances, for the consequences of any delay in the execution of services.

2.9 The contracting authority may cancel the contract within 3 hours after placing the order via e-mail or phone.

2.10 Orders accepted by 12 am are treated as orders taken that day, so that the time limit begins to run from that date.

2.11 The agreed time limits may be changed in case of force majeure such as natural disasters, loss of power supply for long-term or long disruption of the Internet.

3 Change conditions

1A Internet d.o.o. reserves the right to change the general conditions without prior notice. Amendments shall enter into force as soon as they are published.

4 Consent

By using the services on the website www.1ainternet.eu, you agree that you are aware of and accept all the above conditions.

5 Budget and Contract

5.1 Assessment of costs and prices given by the Contractor are not binding. The contractor reserves the right to change prices or terms, if given before the bid had access to the full range of services.

5.2 The date by when services must be rendered shall be determined by examination of materials and procurement. The period of service does not included weekends and holidays, nor the date of termination of contract.

5.3 The Client as a written or oral acceptance of an offer Artist, Artist, or written confirmation of acceptance of the contract by the contracting authority in the event that the contractor has not given offers, this means a contract.

5.4 The Client shall be considered as any natural or legal person who ordered the service, except where explicitly stated that this person to act on behalf of a third party, whose name and address will be delivered to the Contractor at execution of the contract with proof of consent by third parties.

5.5 Arrangements and the promise of a representative or employee of the contractor, the provider is bound only in the case where the Contractor confirms in writing such agreements.

5.6 In case of doubt of the Client's ability to pay, a major contract, a private or foreign client contract as well as in other cases where the Contractor considers it necessary, the Client shall be entitled to request an advance or payment in advance before the execution of the contract. Natural persons must unconditionally meet its obligations in advance.

6th Change conditions

6.1 Unless otherwise specified, the Client is bound, within eight (8) days to pay the agreed amount for services rendered. Payment shall be made solely to the Contractor's bank account. In the case of late payment the Contractor shall charge legal interest.

6.2 A contracting authority may use services only after they have paid in full the invoice presented by the Contractor.

6.3 If the Client wishes to terminate before the agreed deadline of the ordered services, they may do so only with the written notice. In this case, the Client is obliged to settle all costs incurred by and due to the Contractor before the termination.

6.4 Legal entities are billed after the services are rendered. In the case of large orders (as assed by the Contractor), arrangements for multiple payments may be considered.

6.5 In the event that the Client did not pay its debt, even after they have already been given notice, the Contractor shall use all legal measures to recover the debt (through the courts, the engagement of third parties, etc.)..