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Regional web Portals
About the project

The project e-Portals stems from an idea for original and attractive online portals that provide local news exclusively, wanted by local a population, but is unavailable elsewhere. E-Portals support a wide interaction with visitors, who can contribute their news, reports, comments, everything that local communities find interesting.

In 2007, the project began with an experimental regional e-portal www.ePosavje.com. Within one year, it became the most visited regional e-portal. Other regional e-portals followed and we set up www.eLjubljana.si, www.eDolenjska.si in www.eBelakrajina.si, www.ePrimorska.si.

The project has not reached its limits. Our company has registered Internet domains for all Slovenian regions and major urban centres - we will introduce dynamic news to them, as well as new approaches in providing local information.

Opportunity for successful targeted promotion

Our increasingly frequented regional e-portals can prove to be a superb and efficient tool in advertising services and products that fit the local character. In addition to targeted marketing we can provide you with wide advertising campaigns on all portals through our modern marketing system.

New partners and editors wanted

We provide an excellent opportunity to all who seek new opportunities and challenges, as the vision of Regional e-Portals goes far. Our team grows bigger by the month and accepts ambitious individuals with sound ideas and the ability to provide interesting news, which is published daily. The project is Slovenia wide - with lots of opportunities for all regions.


What does the Regional e-Portal Editor do?

The main task of the Regional e-Portal Editor is the daily uploading fresh news, received by the reporters in the field, as well as writing some reports. Administration skills are necessary; however, you can apply regardless, as we can provide you with training.
Another task is to coordinate reporters and co-workers, inform them of current events and motivate them to contribute news. It is important to spread the circle of influence and everybody is welcome.
The Regional e-Portal Editor runs correspondences with local communities, clubs, societies, visitors, contacts event participants and organizers, and networks.

What are the Regional e-Portal Editor's working hours?

Working hours are flexible. There is no time limit for uploading news; nevertheless, there should be one piece of news uploaded per day at the beginning. Sometimes it takes only half an hour to achieve that requirement. Everything else depends on the individual editor who can use the periods of free time for networking, in-depth news report gathering and putting other ideas to motion.

Who can become a Regional e-Portal Editor?

Anyone who likes dynamic work and is ready for a stimualting challenge. Communicative and initiative driven people preferred. Candidates should enjoy journalism, as that is what e-portals are all about.

What is the pay?

There are plenty of opportunities for income, given the dynamics of the job.

How can I apply?

Send an email to with your personal data, state any experience in journalism, any computer administration skills (not a condition, remember) and any relevant information. Send us any video you might have about yourself. Let us know if you have published anything of yours on YouTube, for example, or if you write a blog.


Who can become a Regional e-Portal Reporter?

Anyone who wants to, as the idea of an e-portal is to provide first hand news and reports on interesting events. News relies on video and photo content made by digital cameras. We want to invite everyone who like recording, taking pictures and writing about interesting things that surround them.

What is expected of a reporter?

Job of a reporter is flexible and dynamic. All you need is to be at the right place at the right time, use your digital camera to create an interesting photo or record an interview or merely write down an attractive piece of news. Next step is to present it to the public.

What is the pay?

The pay of a reporter depends on the frequency of contributions to the e-portal and can vary from month to month. You and your editor will reach an agreement on your pay.

How do I apply?

There is no formal application needed, just send your contribution via online forms (you can find them on every e-portal). However, if you look for a long term reporting, contact us at , and we will discuss the details.

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