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Photo and video production
producing videos Nowadays, it is hard to imagine a worthy company presentation without quality photos, especially in a visual media like the Internet. Video presentations of enterprises and products are gaining considerable importance, as well. We are aware of the necessity of choosing good photographs and of well-made video presentations, therefore we offer you professional photography, video recording and editing services.
We are aware of the necessity of choosing good photography and well-made video presentation, therefore we offer you professional photoshooting, video recording and editing.

We offer:

quality photos
Where can I use those photos and videos?

High quality photos are basis for a well-designed web site. You can use them for your printed promotion material and publications as well. Given the fact that video is gaining the lead for products and services presentations, we recommend you consider using videos in your web pages or for DVD presentations. Additional promotion includes placing the videos on major video portals to reach the video population (YouTube.com, metacafe.com, viddler.com, vimeo.com etc). Feel free to leave that to our experts, as well.
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