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Internet stores - web shops
We invite you to partner with us

enakupi In 1999, our company was one of the first in Slovenian market to offer a free internet shop setup. Our company, 1A INTERNET d.o.o., has since lead the pace in designing progressive graphic images and upgrading web applications for online purchase. The web site www.enakupi.com aims to gather an increasing selection of quality products at appealing prices in one place. Additional to graphic image, we would like to introduce you to a web application, which enables your customers with a simple, transparent and safe way to purchase your products. And it's for free!

About internet shops

online shopping centre An online shop setup can be a major cost, as it involves not only the cost of creating an Internet shop itself, but also that of hosting, maintenance, marketing, the list goes on. All this makes it longer for you to break even and make a profit, that is why we want to help you by offering you partnership in our online shopping mall.

Creating, setting up, hosting and maintenance training for your online shop - free of charge!

Our concept of "Creating your web store for free" in the Slovenian market enables you to have your internet shop set up in our online shopping mall for free.

Your costs

INTERNET SHOP CREATION ----> free of charge
INTERNET SHOP HOSTING ----> free of charge
INTERNET SHOP MAINTENANCE ----> free of charge
CLOSED SALES ----> agreed percentage on sold products

* user friendly store *
* free setup *
* we do not charge you for the investment *
* promotion free of charge *
* we set up your store - you run it *

Agreed percentage on sold products

We offer you a unique opportunity of having your own Internet store for free. The only cost involved is an agreed percentage of the sale of your products sold online. There is only one condition you need to fulfil in order to gain a free set up of your web shop and a place in our online shopping mall www.enakupi.com, you must provide quality products and your own distribution/delivery logistics. We take care of the rest.

The benefits of web based shopping mall www.enakupi.com

To run a successful online merchandise enterprise you need a well designed Internet shop and online customers. The web based shopping mall www.enakupi.com is a perfect place for you, as it already attracts customers, who make their purchases in already active web stores. The agreed percentage on sold products highly motivates us to additionally promote the online shops of our Internet shopping mall. Our well-visited web sites www.1ainternet.info, www.eBelakrajina.si, www.eDolenjska.si, www.eLjubljana.si, www.ePosavje.com, www.ePrimorska.si, www.PoslovniImenik.si stand ready for promoting your products.

Active internet shops

Our online shopping centre already supports active shops, which provide products in the categories of computers and IT equipment, interior furniture, kitchen utilities / design, gifts, kids, gsm, bookstore, paintwork, camping and textile. You have an opportunity of creating a new category.


Do you have interesting products at attractive price and are ready for new challenge? Let us cooperate.
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