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Advertising with Google AdWords
Google adwords Advertising with Google AdWords is the most efficient way of driving visitors and potential customers to your web site for your products or services. With a professional analysis of your web site pages, we will recommend choice target keywords that have a high probability of being searched for by your potential customers. This will increase your sales and your web site’s presence on the Web.

Imagine a potential customer searching on Google, the largest and most used search engine in the world, for services or products that you offer and your web site coming up at the top of the results page! The best part is that he results show up every time; we only need to pay when someone actually clicks on your advertisement.

Why do you want to advertise using Google AdWords?

How Google AdWords works:

The Google search engine is driven by keyword searches. Customers type in keywords for the services and products they are looking for. The web sites with that match the search criteria is brought up on the results page With Google AdWords, your web site is featured at the top of the results page resulting is potential high traffic to your site by interested customers.
  1. First, we carefully analyze your existing web site, web site budget and visitor traffic.
  2. Then we choose specific keywords, based on your business, that have a high probability of being used in a search by potential customers. We also prepare an effective text for the advertisement.
  3. When a visitor in Google conducts a search with keywords relating to your business, your advertisement comes up and is located in a highly visible section of the results page.
  4. A visitor sees your advertisement and clicks on it, which takes them directly to your web site where they can buy your products or services.
  5. Detailed statistics of search results and clicks on your advertisement provide information and are essential to the success of your advertisement campaign.

Using Google AdWords is the most efficient way of targeting interested customers online. You can drive traffic to your web site with the correct choice of keywords and an attractive text advertisement. The advertising cost is minimal and you pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement. The success of your advertising campaign is easily measurable with the help of detailed statistics.

Cost of advertising with Google AdWords:

We offer 3 Google AdWords keyword and advertisement optimization packages.
Analysis of existing web site YES YES YES
Cost calculations of establishing advertisement with Google AdWords FREE FREE FREE
Number of Text Advertisements 3 5 10
Option of setting a daily usage limit YES YES YES
A closing report YES YES YES
Time period 1-2 Months** 1-2 Months** 1-2 Months**
Advertising Cost 99,00 EUR 199,00 EUR 399,00 EUR
Cost per click 0,21 EUR*** 0,19 EUR*** 0,17 EUR***
Number of clicks/visits 471 Visits 1.047 Visits 2.347 Visits
*We are not limiting the number of search keywords in your advertising campaign because they are critical in brining the right customer to your site. It is important that your web site achieves its potential in successfully bringing in more traffic whether by one or more keywords.
**The varying popularity of keywords and number of searches heavily determines the time period in which your Advertising Cost is depleted.
***Stated price per click applies to the majority of search strings. In certain cases, there is a higher cost for certain keywords and search strings (e.g. “Window” or “Door”), we will address those cases separately.
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